"The fact that I put myself in the national and international coordinates of time and space, and that I can see the immense cultural background, is what determines the content of my art. I discovered my ego, and I discovered a new space, that is, Neo-Orientalism. "

       Mio Pang Fei



Feng Yuan
China National Museum of Fine Arts

"The unique art of Mio Pang Fei, with its own creative dialect, is, at once, traditional and contemporary. And it has the special charm of, along with a personal and distinct wisdom, presenting itself as Western and as Oriental. "

"Mio Pang Fei can be considered the most important artist of the second generation of 'installation artists' in China. "



Liu Xiaochun, PhD
Researcher at the China Art Research Institute

"The exhibitions of Mio Pang Fei transform an enclosure into a unique 'occurrence', where thought and universe, aspiration and creation, nature and human freedom, all converge. "



Ung Vai Meng
Macao Museum of Art

"His peculiar vision of the world and his solid cultural base complement each other, while, with an almost supernatural insight, he points us to the recesses of the soul. "

"The west and the east, the instant and the eternity, the individual and the collective, the intellect and the feelings, the wisdom and the emotion, this era and all of history, are the means used by Mio Pang Fei as creative force and as expression of his free spirit."



Feng Yang
Member of the Secretariat, Vice President of the

China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Former director of the China National Museum of Fine Arts

"His extremely huge works have strength and power. Even his medium-scale works project a bold spirit that incites us and that vibrates with Chinese spiritual connotations. "



Zhai Mo
Member of the Theoretical Research Group of

the China Art Research Institute

"Mio Pang Fei's neo-orientalist painting can be considered a hybrid painting and is the result of the junction of Eastern and Western art, centered on abstractionism. The artist, acting within the field of modern concepts, extinguishes the  contradictions between oriental and western art. In other words, it is an individual experience that seeks to go beyond any ethnic concept, to reconstruct the contemporary oriental art using Western concepts. "

"His work also portrays the problems inherent in any human being, such as violence, selfishness, covetousness, racial conflicts, women's rights, the collapse of the ideals and of the human spirit, and also the degradation of the environment. These problems are part of his constant concern as a human being and as an artist. Mio believes that the elevation of the spirit in our days should be the mission of Neo- Orientalism. "

"The abstract works of Mio Pang Fei combine the density of the oils with the lightness of the ink. The language is pure, unlimited and profound. The texture is hard and indefinite. Simplification is the way to an intellectual world, and by reinforcing the meaning of his paintings he removes any disturbing sound around him. Thus, he reaches a new pinnacle in aesthetics. "



Sílvia Chicó
Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon
Member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (AICA)

"By virtue of the evident quality, because of the formal conscience, and due to the importance of what is taking place in Pang Fei's artistic work, it deserves to be disclosed and presented as a rare example of a deliberate démarche for the encounter of cultures ... "

Eurico Gonçalves
Artist and Critic

"It is a grandiose, strong, dramatic and anti-decorative art. Between life and death, his painting is made of blood, fire, iron oxide and fossils. "